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Without doubts, African mango has become one of the most discussed topic in weight loss industry. Recently it has featured in many magazines and TV shows and even many celebrities have reported that they have lost excess lbs just by taking African mango supplements.

Our editors have reviewed dozens of diet pills which are based on this magical fruit, but the fact is that only few of them are truly effective. So, this time lets reveal the truth behind African Mango Advanced. Does it really work as promised?

What is African Mango Advanced?

African Mango Advanced is made of pure African mango coming from rain forests of South African where this fruit has been used by centuries. It doesn’t contain any fillers or binders, so you can be sure that you are receiving only pure African mango extract.

African Mango Advanced is clinically proven to help lose weight with no effort, but for best results we also suggest you to follow some physical activity program.

The manufacturer of African Mango advanced suggests to take 2 capsules per day before breakfast. Each capsule contains 2400 mg of African mango, which is necessary amount for successful weight loss.

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How does African Mango Advanced work?

African Mango Advanced has ability to burn fat, suppress appetite and even lower bad cholesterol levels, there aren’t many diet pills which has so many benefits and are safe to use!

Burns fat – Getting rid of excess fat probably is the most exhausting and difficult task for people who have decided to change something in their lives. Fortunately, African Mango Advanced will make this process way more easier as it acts as fat burner, which increases metabolic rate. Metabolism is natural body weapon to fight obesity, because greater metabolic rate means greater amount of calories burned.

Suppresses appetite – If you have ever tried to shed weight by following any kind of diets, then you already know how hard it is to fighting food cravings. Since African Mango Advanced works as appetite suppressant, you can forget about this feeling because by taking African Mango Advanced you will “full” for longer period of time.

Lowers cholesterol levels – In fact, people who are overweight often also suffers from high cholesterol levels which can cause cardiovascular diseases. Luckily, African Mango Advanced will also lower these harmful levels, so your health will better.

Is African Mango Advanced safe?

Since African Mango Advanced is just based on pure African Mango, there is no risk involved. We also made our own research and we didn’t find any customer complaining about any side effects. However, every medication has some risk, so if you face with any, stop using it and consult with your doctor for further orders.

Money back guarantee

The manufacturer of African Mango Advanced really trusts to the power of their product because they offer full 30 day money back guarantee, so you can be sure that if you will not be satisfied with results, unlikely to happen, you will get all your money back. In fact, there aren’t many diet pills which offers so rock solid money back guarantee.


  • Clinically proven to be effective
  • Safe to use – 100% natural, does not contain any fillers
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • Contains only one ingredient(African Mango)


Although African Mango definetely can provide with solid results, more effective African mango supplements can be found. The disadvantage of African Mango Advanced is lack of ingredient mix, it contains just one ingredient(African Mango).

At first it may seem as a advantage, but we have found that supplements that contains a bigger variety of natural ingredients are more effective. For example, if product would contain green tea, you could also face with energy increase which is a great benefit when physical exercises are performed and can bring extra good.

If you are looking for supplement which contains only pure and very potent African mango coming with several benefits which will make you lose weight fast, African Mango Advanced is a great choice. Even if you will not be satisfied with results, you will be able to get all money back since the manufacturer of African Mango Advanced offer 30 day money back guarantee./

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Aug 16, 2012 by Rebecca.

Have been suffering from overweight since my childhood but during last two years the weight of body have increased dramatically. African mango advanced was suggested by my cousin who also if familiar with excess pounds.

African mango advanced has all benefits I have been looking for - appetite suppression, metabolism increasing abilities. During last two mounds I have lost about 26 pounds. Of course, I also did some exercises to boost effective, but nothing extreme overall.

In short, I definitely recommend this brand!


Aug 11, 2012 by Jordan

Hi, very satisfied with results since have lost about 12 pounds during this month. This is WAY more than I expected at beginning!

5.0 5.0 2 2 Have been suffering from overweight since my childhood but during last two years the weight of body have increased dramatically. African mango advanced was suggested by my cousin w African Mango Advanced reviews

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