African Bush Mango Liquid reviews

African mango has become very popular trend in weight loss industry, and because of this popularity, many weight loss supplements which are based on this magical fruit have appeared. Today let’s take a look at quite unique African mango product – African Bush Mango Liquid.

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As it sounds, African Bush Mango Liquid contains African mango extract which is in liquid form, which means that for some individuals this product may be easier to use.

The manufacturer of African Bush Mango Liquid is claiming that this product is containing a lot essential ingredients, which work by suppressing appetite. Everyone of us, who have tried to follow some kind of diet, know how hard it is to deal with food cravings. The makers of African Bush Mango Liquid are claiming that your dieting process will be easy as never before.

Also, besides African mango as the main ingredient, African Bush Mango includes other ingredients, which has been featured in many other diet pills and can increase energy and even mood. Since African Bush Mango Liquid is based on some other not so well known ingredients, let’s see how they work.

African Bush Mango Liquid ingredients

Green tea – It is quite common ingredient, which has ability to increase energy. If you have decided to speed up your weight loss journey by following some physical exercises, which is suggested, green tea will make them easier as your energy will be increased. Besides, green tea can increase metabolic rate, which results in more calories burned.

Hoodia gordinii – like African mango, it is another super-herb, which has been used by African bushmen for centuries to fight hunger and increase energy during long lasting hunting trips.

Acai berry – These berries can be considered as detox supplement as they can cleanse body from harmful chemicals, making you more energetic and increasing stamina.

How much to take daily?

The manufacturer’s website says that two tablespoons of African Bush Mango Liquid should be taken daily. Also, as product is made in liquid form, it can be mixed with beverages.

Does African Bush Mango Liquid come with guarantee?

No, because of fact that African Bush Mango Liquid is sold by third party retailers, most of them don’t provide with any money back guarantee. This is a big disadvantage, as with many other diet pills, there are products that work for some people, while for others not. If you are interested in African mango diet pills that offer rock solid money back guarantee, then check Best African mango supplements compared.

African Bush Mango Liquid side effects

While we couldn’t find proof that any side effects have reported, we have found and received unsatisfied user feedbacks, which told that no weight loss has occurred by taking this product.


African Bush Mango Liquid is quite unique product because contrary to other African mango based products, it is made in liquid form which makes it easy to consume. In fact, there are some people who have problems with pill swallowing, luckily, there are some swallowing methods which make this process easier.

Unfortunately, this is the biggest advantage we found for this product, because it is not so effective as other products we have reviewed. African Bush Mango Liquid hasn’t record of very positive customer feedback, most of them reports unsuccessful weight loss.

So, if you are looking for really effective African mango supplements, take a look at Best African Mango Supplements page where we have listed the best products available which are not only effective but also safe to use.

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